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My name is Jared, and I would love to let you know a little about myself and hopefully begin a new work relationship and, even better…a friendship together.

I am originally from California but have been living in South Florida since high school, where I attended Spanish River High in Boca Raton. There, I made lifelong friends, which is something that has always been very important to me!

In high school, I worked for my parents as a plumber and water heater specialist. I held the record at work back then for the fastest water heater installer, which was under fifteen minutes! While working for my parents, I bought my first home in Boca Raton at the age of 18. When my parents decided to relocate to Washington, I then took over. I became the owner of their company, where I employed eight people. I successfully ran the company for many years until I eventually got a job offer from FEMA, where I started my then-new career.

During that time, I took a vacation to Jamaica, where I met Kristy, who was also from Florida! We quickly became friends, and she has now been my beautiful wife for over 17 years. Kristy attended FAU and has been a family law paralegal since she was 18. We have two amazing children together! Our daughter is a junior in high school and is enjoying the medical program she is a part of. She is CPR and seizure certified and comes home with some pretty cool stories about her clinical at the local hospital. She also started driving on her own this last year, which we are still wrapping our heads around. Where does the time go? Our son is 11, and his favorite subject is math! Like a lot of kids his age, he enjoys Fortnite and loves to be around his friends. The kids also love playing with Auggie, our one-year-old puppy.

Along with everything we dealt with during the pandemic, one of the hardest was when we had to say goodbye to our beloved Sasha of 13 years. She was a great dog, and we were all so sad. We decided to get a puppy in May of last year, and he really helped us through that pain.

As for working for FEMA, I found it very rewarding, as I worked in natural disasters and felt honored to help during difficult times. But working away from home for so many years also made me miss my family, so I decided to use what I had learned along the way and start my own inspection company. Beginning in this line of work was a bit tricky. I quickly learned that many realtors and inspectors work hand and hand, but not always in their client’s best interest.

Through the years, some would want to hire me only if I would disregard telling the clients about anything that I found to be wrong with a home or “omit” certain things from my reports. It did cost me jobs along the way; however, I stood firm in what I believed in and grew the trust of my clients. I worked hard day and night on my business, and fifteen years later, I am proud to say that it has been quite successful. I have always been proud of my reputation as an honest home inspector and am proud of my work ethic. A majority of my business is from referrals and what I often hear is, “I heard that you tell it like it is,” which is absolutely true.

After doing inspections for so many years, I often heard realtors tell my clients things that were not true or things about the property that was flat out wrong just to get the sale or just because they didn’t have the knowledge.

I ended up being both the inspector and realtor, spending hours answering questions that the realtor wouldn’t or couldn’t answer. One day my wife told me I should be a realtor since I was doing their jobs, and that’s when things kind of just clicked. I know about all of these homes inside and out. I have helped homeowners save thousands of dollars with my knowledge of insurance laws. So, why not become a realtor too! I wanted to be able to share what I know and help buyers and sellers feel confident about these major decisions in their lives, and also, it just feels good to do the right thing. Let me just add that along the way, I have met some amazing realtors and other home inspectors who do have the knowledge. They appreciate the honesty and have recommended me repeatedly because they trusted me.

After I took the real estate course, the exam…and passed, I immediately sold a house for my neighbor and helped her purchase a new home. It was a great experience, and I was happy to help her every bit of the way. From there, I helped her son and his girlfriend find a gem in Lighthouse Point that they absolutely loved. I was glad I got to learn from those first experiences, and I have continued to grow more and more ever since then.

I am a lover of technology and am continuously learning more about it, educating myself about laws, insurance, and anything that has to do with your home.

Along with my real estate license and prior plumbing experience, my credentials and certifications are as follows: Board Certified Master Inspector, which is the highest honor a home inspector can receive in the industry; Licensed drone pilot (I have owned and operated drones for many years); Roof Inspector Internachi certified; Wind Mitigation Inspector Internachi certified; Deck Inspector Internachi certified, Exterior Inspector Chimney Inspector Internachi certified; Crawlspace Inspector Internachi certified; Four Point Inspector Internachi certified; Annual Home Maintenance Inspector Internachi certified; Roof Data Technician Inspector Internachi certified; HVAC Inspector Internachi certified; Plumbing Inspector Internachi certified; Pool Spa Inspector Internachi certified; HAAG Certified Inspector; Internachi Infrared Certification; and International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

As of now, I have been staying busy! I launched my own app for the South Florida Luxury Home Group at the beginning of the year, which I am super excited about. It is available to download for free in the App Store and is named South Florida Homes. I’ve made it super easy to navigate. You can see what is available in the neighborhoods you like. It has full pictures prices of homes, and you can filter in or out whatever you’d like. I have recently remodeled my website,

I want you to find anything you need on the site, from searching for hospitals to schools to the best restaurants and more. Also, if you see me, please ask for my card, because I think they look awesome! I can always throw in one in the mail if you want, as well!

One last thing I pride myself on is quick response time. Suppose you have ever done any business with me in the past. In that case, you know that I always respond to emails, texts, and/or calls immediately. I HAVE always and WILL always take any time out of my day to answer any questions or concerns you ever have. Or if you just need to talk, I am there for you! I have the expertise and knowledge, and I would make an exceptional realtor for you! I also will keep up to date on my education and continue my understanding of real estate, so I can always do what’s in YOUR best interest. I promise to work hard to ensure you get the best experience and would love to be your real estate agent.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me and my real estate journey, and I look forward to working with you!
Take care!

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